• Alumni Consitutiton
  • Alumni Strategic Plan
  • How to be an Alumni

Core Values


To be a model Association that enhances dynamism, partnership and visionary leadership.


To build loyalty and support for the betterment of the University, staff, students and Alumni.

We do this by strengthening feelings of identity with the University, and by offering opportunities for Alumni to serve the University.

We measure our success by the number of active members we have, by their degree of participation in Alumni and University-sponsored activities, by their advice, counsel and material contributions to the Association and the University.


arrAbout to graduate in 2016?
Your membership in the MMUSTAA is free for the first year. Start enjoying your membership today.

trainingMMUSTAA held a two day workshop at Noble Hotel & Conference Facility in Eldoret to review its consitituition, strategic plan & drafting of policy.

The workshop took place between 10th-11th Nov 2016

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